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Elementary Report Card Guide

The primary purpose of the elementary report card is to communicate student progress to parents, students and other staff. The report card documents student performance over a period of time and provides feedback regarding concerns and strengths. Accountability for learning is shared by students, parents and teachers. The intent of the report card is to provide a common understanding of the student’s progress and facilitate next steps.

Learning is measured against Washington state standards common to all students at that grade level. Progress is determined through multiple measures (assessments, student artifacts, informal observations, etc.) It is not the intent of the report card to report on every aspect of learning that occurs in the classroom.

Trimester Benchmarks

Trimester grades are relative to learning up to the time of reporting. The 1st trimester report card indicates the student’s learning relative to November classroom expectations; the 2nd Trimester relative to March classroom expectations, the 3rd Trimester relative to June expectations.

Explanation of Academic scores:

  1. Area of Concern (needs considerable assistance and is performing significantly below standards)
    • Struggles in the area.
    • Shows little or no progress.
  2. Approaching standards (Demonstrates skills inconsistently).
    • Shows progress, but is not at grade level standard yet.
    • Performance towards mastery of standards is unpredictable and inconsistent.
    • Requires some support.
  3. Meets Standards (consistently and accurately demonstrates skills)
    • Independently applies the knowledge, skills and standards appropriate to their grade level.
    • Shows evidence of mastery on multiple and varied assessments over time.
  4. Exceeds Standards – (consistently performs above end of year standards)
    • Academic Content – independently demonstrates skills above end of the year grade level standards.
    • Effort – students are completing work that demonstrates extra effort or excellence