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Elementary Report Card

The primary purpose of the elementary report card is to communicate a student’s academic progress to parents, students, and other staff. A secondary purpose is to communicate essential behaviors of successful learners. The report card shows student performance over a period of time and provides feedback regarding concerns and strengths. Accountability for learning is shared by students, parents, and teachers. The intent of the report card is to provide a common understanding of the student’s progress and facilitate next steps.

Learning is measured against Standards common to all students at that grade level. Students are graded on whether or not they have mastered the concepts and skills within the content area, not how they perform relative to other students. Progress is determined through multiple measures (assessments, student artifacts, informal observations, etc.) It is not the intent of the report card to report on every aspect of learning that occurs in the classroom.

Trimester grades are relative to learning up to the time of reporting. The 1st trimester (T1) indicates the student’s learning relative to November classroom expectations; the 2nd Trimester (T2) relative to March classroom expectations, the 3rd Trimester (T3) relative to June expectations.

This fall Peninsula School District is introducing a new report card for grades K-5 aligned to the Common Core standards in literacy and mathematics. The purpose for these changes is to provide more effective feedback about a student's progress on key concepts and skills mastered at each grade level, kindergarten through fifth grade.

Elementary Report Card Samples