This we believe...

…about students:

  • All students can learn – but in different ways and at different rates.
  • Personal responsibility is the basis for successful learning and positive behavior.
  • Students should be prepared to live and compete in a global society.
  • Positive self-image leads to higher achievement, mutual respect, and a safe school environment.
  • Students must be able to transition successfully through their learning experiences.

…about home and community:

  • Parents and family have the greatest influence in, and responsibility for, their child’s learning and behavior.
  • Positive role models are essential for learning.
  • Collaboration with our community strengthens learning.

…about the school system:

  • High expectations lead to high achievement.
  • A highly effective staff creates an environment for student success.
  • Sound fiscal management is essential for the operation of the school district.
  • Fostering and managing a positive, safe environment is critical to student success.
  • Diversity contributes to a strong community and learning environment.
  • The District recognizes and responds to our changing community.