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Learn & Grow

We are preparing students for jobs that don't yet exist. They need engaging, flexible spaces that are built to last for generations to come.

It's Elementary!

10 percent

By 2021 the elementary school population is estimated to grow by 10%.

PSD's Bond Purpose - Why? Overcrowding

Peninsula School District Buildings were built when students were learning in a factory model where everyone learned the same thing at the same time through direct instruction where a teacher “stands and delivers” in the front of the room. Present day learning looks very different. It allows for facilitated classroom instruction, relying heavily on cooperative group work, time to work with material in “productive struggle” and the chance to use flexible grouping in breakout areas. This allows for space for projects, and presentation areas. Contemporary learning environments also support strengths-based teaching which allows for collaboration between multiple classrooms. Infrastructure must allow for even our youngest students to learn coding (computer programming), For instance, several science classrooms could collaborate and share data resulting in deeper understanding, cooperative communication and learning. The same science classrooms could collaborate with marketing classes providing realistic multidisciplinary communication that simulates present-day workplace experiences. Flexible spaces for project based learning also results infrastructure upgrades to allow for current technology standards used in higher education and the workplace.