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The Big Picture

All of our schools need modifications, but the most dramatic need is the elementary school overcrowding. We have run out of space.

Why Now?

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Every year we wait, each elementary school is $2-3 million more expensive to build.

PSD's Bond Purpose - Why now?

Modernize existing schools instead of building new schools? The aging systems in the schools are eligible for modernization. Because almost all are beyond the thirty-year mark, they are also eligible for state assistance. Work could be done to replace all major mechanical systems and upgrade facilities to last another thirty years or more. Unfortunately, the option continues to leave the district with 148 elementary classrooms to serve 214 classes. Further, it leaves the district unable to accommodate any growth. The focus of this capital proposal is to provide rooms. It leaves numerable other needs as lower priorities.

Previous facility planning committees identified over $750 million in needed facility improvements. While we recognize the variety of needs at all levels across the district, addressing these needs all at once we create an unachievable tax burden on the community. As Superintendent Jarvis reviewed the work done by previous facility planning committees and our demographic data, including most recent enrollment growth trends, he determined that elementary overcrowding was dire and needed immediate attention. The other needs are still there and will need to be addressed in the future. The secondary schools will have two areas to address in the near future: Capacity and condition. As the large elementary cohorts roll up into middle school the increased enrollment will be mitigated by re-purposing portables currently on elementary campuses to the middle schools. Emerging needs regarding the condition of systems to keep student and staff safe, warm and dry will be prioritized and addressed through the limited funding provided for in the bond. These remedies will address only short term issues. More permanent remedies will need to be addressed through future capital funding measures.