Please Vote by February 12, 2019


Building two additional elementary schools immediately to address overcrowding.

77 new classrooms


PSD's Bond Purpose - Why? Overcrowding

Superintendent Jarvis has recommended two new schools be constructed, and two existing schools be totally replaced. Initial planning utilizes two school sites currently owned by the school district. The first at Harbor Hill Ave North is near the YMCA. The second site, known as the "Bujacich site" (pronounced bu-sich), is located west of Hwy 16 on Bujacich Rd NW, across from McCormick Forest Park Because the Bujacich property lies outside of the Urban Growth Boundary, it may become necessary to acquire an alternate site if regulations prove the site to be too costly or cause significant delay. That decision will be made by December 1, 2018. "Elementary School #9" would be designed and built to open in the fall of 2021. Following voter approval of the capital bond, the planning would begin in March with architect selection, educational specifications, and finance preparation. Construction would commence during the early spring of 2020. The addition of two new schools provides sixty new permanent classrooms beyond present capacity. In addition to creating capacity for growth, they will also relieve pressures currently felt by neighboring schools, especially impacting the overcrowded Discovery, Harbor Heights, and Purdy Elementary Schools. New and expanded Artondale and Evergreen schools would not only replace our oldest elementary schools, but also add seventeen additional classrooms. Collectively, the four schools add over fifty percent additional permanent classrooms for our elementary children. The question has been asked regarding the future use of the sixty-six portables which can be released by the new construction. Depending on the growth over the next three years, some of the portables now in use at the elementary schools will be removed and become available for use at the secondary schools. Current projections predict continuing growth moving from elementary to secondary levels. Tasks ahead include selecting school names, as well as detailed planning for school boundaries and possible school focus. School siting may allow considerations of school choice in contrast to usual boundary determinations. Such considerations will be undertaken following the approval of the capital bond by voters in our community.

Bond Focus #2

PSD MapReplacing and expanding two elementary schools by replacing the current structures.

Replacement of Artondale and Evergreen Elementary Schools begins a cycle of modernizing and expanding our aged schools. The replacement of Artondale Elementary with a new building parallels the planning and construction for Elementary School #9. The second new school, "Elementary School #10" , would be opened one year later in 2022 along with the new Evergreen. Artondale Elementary School

  • Replaced on site
  • Expand from 23 to 30 classrooms
  • History of Artondale

Evergreen Elementary School

  • Replaced on site
  • Expand from 8 to 18 classrooms
  • History of Evergreen

Bond Focus #3

Addressing emerging capital needs due to aged facilities.

If passed, the bond would provide resources within the capital funding measure to meet capital needs which will emerge within the next five years due to aged facilities. Such needs include, but are not limited to: mechanical and electrical system failures, roofing failures, plumbing failures, and safety and security improvements. Normal maintenance budgets will continue to be utilized, and the additional capital funding will be used for major system repairs and replacements.