Credit Recovery Info

98% of students who took a summer school course in 2015 were successfully able to re-coup their credit deficiency.

Students may take a summer school course if they have already taken the same course once and received a grade of F, or I. The only exception is for Washington State History if a student moved to Washington from out of state and was not offered this course in their previous setting.

Summer School Transportation

Free transportation is offered to all students who attend summer school.

Most students are dropped off in the morning and picked up in the afternoon by private vehicles. Students may also choose to drive their own cars, walk, or ride bicycles. One more option open to students is the availability of school buses.

School buses make every reasonable effort to get as close as possible to a student's normal bus pick up stop. There is no charge for this service. Please check the route listings below to find out which is the most convenient route.

Pick up times for the first few days are approximate. Please be at the designated location earlier than the time shown. Buses arrive at Henderson Bay High School in time for classes and leave at 12:05.

For further information about transportation, please contact Craig Sherman at (253) 530-3902.

Pick-up/Drop-off Times

Important Information

  • Register on-line or use paper/pencil forms. Both can be found on this website or ask your counselor.
  • Pay fees to your school's bookkeeper.
  • Register early to be guaranteed a seat.
  • Looking for information about West Sound Tech Summer Satellite Program? Visit their website.
  • Will your attendance at West Sound Tech in Bremerton overlap with your summer school program? See important information on our Registration/Fees page.