Tuition Based Preschool Program

Preschool Programs

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Early Childhood Coordinator

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For additional information or to refer your child for special education preschool programs, please call (253) 530-1168.  

Peninsula School District Inclusive Preschool Programs provide an opportunity for children with special needs to learn and develop alongside children who do not have any developmental concerns. In most of our special education preschool classrooms, we welcome 3 - 4 typically developing children (peers) because we believe that children learn best from each other. Preschool classes are located at Artondale, Harbor Heights, Purdy and Vaughn Elementary Schools and meet in half day session 4 days each week, Monday through Thursday. Tuition for typically developing peers is $185 per month for the 2014-2015 school year. Parents provide transportation for their children. We maintain a waitlist for the program and accept applications for that waitlist any time after a child’s birth.

Our classrooms offer all children a variety of child and teacher directed multi-sensory play activities appropriate for their age and developmental level. Certificated early childhood teachers serve as facilitators to guide the development of each child’s cognitive, language, social/emotional, self care and motor development in a language based program. Speech and occupational therapists are in the classroom to support the special education students and all children in the program benefit from these therapists as they work collaboratively with staff to develop and implement activities that lead to the development of strong language and motor skills.

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