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Low-Cost Internet Options in Pierce County

We know that many students and their families depend on the Internet, whether at school or at home, so they can do homework, search for jobs, access financial or government services and much more. As educators, we know that having the Internet at home is critical to ensuring that your child can stay connected to online assignments, classmates and teachers.

This is why we would like to make you aware of three low-cost options that are available for families who are eligible for the National School Lunch Program, receive HUD housing assistance, or are a low-income veteran who receives state and/or federal assistance.

In addition to the resources listed above, organizations and business within the Peninsula District have opened up their businesses and agreed to support our students with free Wi-Fi. Visit to access the interactive Free Wi-Fi Directory.

If none of these options will work for your family, please contact your child’s school directly as other options may be available.