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What is the PSD Possibilities Program?

Our goal is to foster a learner-focused environment where all learners have a voice, choice, time for reflection, opportunities for innovation, opportunities for critical thinking, problem-solving/finding, self-assessment, and connected learning.  We understand that providing a device alone will not make this change happen, although it will accelerate the possibility for change. PSD Possibilities will provide a Chromebook as a take-home device for each student grades 5-12. By ensuring our learners have equitable access to the tools needed to learn, we are empowering learning that will extend beyond the classroom. Students in grades 5 through 12 will be provided with district-owned device to use as a learning tool within the classroom and take the device to and from school each day. Students in grades kindergarten through fourth grade will slowly be making the transition to one-to-one as well, although those devices will remain in the classroom and will not be taken home each day.  

When will it begin?

Schools will be making the transition to one-to-one devices in the fall of 2018. The timeline is different based on the individual school. All students in grades 6 through 12 will take home by January 2, 2019. Fifth-grade students will start taking their devices home in late spring, after the SBA testing.  

What device will students receive? Why Chromebooks & iPads?

Students in grades five through twelve will receive Dell Chromebooks. The exact model of the Chromebook depends on the year that is was purchased. The majority of the devices that will be deployed will be reallocated from what was existing in the building. Those devices were previously housed in carts in specific classrooms. The new devices that will be purchased will be similar models. Dell Chromebooks are an economical yet durable option for providing devices for all students. Students in kindergarten will eventually will have one-to-one iPads while students in first and second grades will have a mix of iPads and Chromebooks. Students in third and fourth grades will also have Dell Chromebooks.      

How long will students keep their District-provided device?

Each year, students in fifth and ninth grades will receive brand new Chromebooks. Those students will keep their devices for four years. Students in other grades will keep their device through eighth or twelfth grade.

What will happen to the District-provided laptops over the summer?

Students in fifth through twelfth grade will take their device at home over the summer and bring it back to school in August.

How will the new and collected devices be distributed?

For the initial deployment of the devices, Technical Services will work with individual buildings to schedule a day for students to get their devices. As students exit (moving or graduating) a school they will be asked to return their Chromebook (just as they do with textbooks). As a student enters a school the office will coordinate assigning a device to the student.

How is this program being paid for?

We have been purchasing a large number of Chromebooks each year for the last five years out of Technology Department funds which are a mix of BEA (State Funding) and the local Enrichment Levy. We are primarily re-allocating existing devices and targeting our new purchases every year now toward specific grade levels to achieve the distribution to every student.

Are there fees? What happens if my student’s device is lost, stolen, or damaged?

There are no initial fees. Fees will be assessed based on damage to the device. Should repair be needed, students will be billed a nominal fee for their first and second repairs. If a third repair is needed, families will be billed the actual cost of repair. Students are expected to report any damage to the device as soon as possible. This means no later than the next school day. If stolen, a police report must be submitted and case number provided to the school. All damage fees are outlined in the Responsibilities Manual

How do students connect to wireless at home?

Students will access wireless the same way your regular home devices connect.  If your child does not have access to a wireless network while away from school in your home, we will have a limited number of wireless hotspots available for checkout. Please contact your child’s school for more information and see the Low-cost internet options available in Peirce County here. 

What can my child access on the device when it goes home?

The Chromebooks will utilize the district’s filter no matter what network the device is on (whether it is at school, home, or Starbucks). The accompanying parent interface will allow parents and guardians to monitor student searches as well as control your child’s access to the internet while at home.

Can students put their own music on their Chromebook?

No. District technology is not provided to house personal music or video libraries.

What about Bring Your Own Device?

A uniform platform has many advantages in the classroom - especially for the teacher who only needs to master one operating system and can use a common language when providing instruction. It is also not possible for the district to be able to equitably distribute software to multiple personal devices. We ask the district-provided Chromebook is the device that gets taken to and from school each day.

What do I do with my Chromebook over the summer?

Students in grades 5-11 will keep their Chromebooks over the summer. Incoming 9th graders will turn their devices in at the beginning of the school year, turn in a new signed Student Technology Responsible Use and Safety Agreement, and receive their new Chromebook. Each high school will share their unique procedures for this process. Students are welcome to use their devices over the summer. If the device is not used over the summer, we recommend charging it fully, unplugging the device, and storing it is a safe place.

Our district filter, Securly, will continue to run on the Chromebooks over the summer. As always, parents will continue to have access to the Securly Parent Portal over the summer and can access the browsing history for the student. The notifications for self-harm and disturbing keywords will be disabled over the summer since school staff will not be available to review those emails. They will be re-enabled as school resumes in August. For more information regarding the Securly Parent Portal visit the Parent Resources page.  

Students are expected to bring Chromebooks back to school on the first day fully charged.

What if my family leaves the district over the summer?

When a student leaves the district during the summer the Chromebook will need to be returned and if applicable, fines assessed and paid prior to student records being forwarded to the new school.  

  • If the school's office is still open, the Chromebook should be returned to the child's last school.
  • If the school's office is closed for the summer, the Chromebook should be returned to the Department of Learning and Innovation (located on the ESC campus).
    • The office will be open for returns on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 2pm.
    • A technician will inspect the Chromebook for damage and assign fines in Destiny if required.

What if my Chromebooks needs to be repaired over the summer?

Broken devices can be dropped off at the Department of Learning & Innovation (located on the ESC campus) on Tuesday or Thursday, between the hours of 10am and 2pm for repair.

  • The technician will evaluate the damage and assign a fine in Destiny if required.
  • The technician will notify the student when the Chromebook is ready for pickup.  The target repair time is one week.
  • Loaner devices will not be provided over the summer.