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Senior Chromebook Buy Program

As part of our PSD Possibilities program, Peninsula School District will offer graduating seniors the option to purchase their Chromebook, charger, and carrying case for $10.00. The devices being sold will have met their expected instructional life span and would otherwise be decommissioned and surplused by the district.

How will this work?

To purchase their Chromebook, charger, and carrying case for $10, a student must go to the bookkeeper and pay the fee.  The bookkeeper will then notify the librarian who will then mark the Chromebook as “sold” in our system.

Chromebooks purchased by students will be removed from the district network and security protocols following graduation; a district login will no longer be required to use the device.

Please note, students should observe information regarding Google/Chrome support for the Chromebook model at Google Chrome Enterprise Help Auto Update policy and know that these units are sold "as is”.

Students will have until June 30th to transfer the data from their Peninsula School District Google Drive accounts (EdTools) to a personal Google account using Google Takeout.

What if I don’t want to purchase my Chromebook?

Seniors that are not interested in purchasing their Chromebook will return the device and the charger to the school’s librarian. Any device that is not either purchased or turned in by the senior will have the lost fee assigned to it.