The Peninsula School District recognizes that technology can transform learning when implemented thoughtfully. Technology can serve as the equalizer when considering collaboration, equity, achievement, and learning. The following Technology Plan creates the cohesive vision that all stakeholders can follow in order to ensure that the technology tools implemented meet the needs of our diverse learners. Also detailed in this plan are the steps that the district will take to implement the plan and a detailed summary of the budgetary needs for 2016 through 2021.

three parts circleLearning takes place when three cohesive components work together towards a shared vision. One piece is leadership. The leadership sets the vision for the district and has a deep understanding of what effective technology integration looks like. Leadership is responsible for educating the teaching staff on the vision so that they can put it into practice. Teaching is the next step and one of the most influential components is this process. The classroom teacher has the unique ability of exposing the students to the technology and igniting their passion for learning. Assessment is the final step in ensuring that the learning takes place. With assessment we can understand where our students are, where they should be, and how we get them to that end result. This is a constantly evolving and flowing process. It is imperative that each piece of the process is in place so that the end goal can be achieved, student learning.

We believe that technology can transform a learning experience when purposefully and intentionally incorporated into the established curriculum. We also understand that the world of technology is constantly changing. As technology changes we recognize that the role of the educator is changing. In order to be current with educational technology research, standards, and strategies, all educators should be seeking new knowledge along with their students. This shared vision will help to implement broad changes throughout the district.

all the time learning

Below you will find our educational technology plan for the 2016-2021 school years. As you read through the plan, you will see a focus on: one-to-one devices for every student grades 3-12; greatly expanded professional development across all staff including administrators; substantial increases in our work on digital citizenship and tech literacy; and a solid, sustainable and expandable infrastructure. The plan is also directly tied to the PSD Board-adopted strategic plan as you will see via the goals of each of the associated sections.
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